2018 Boys Devon Level Championships

The boys Devon Level Championship is a two part competition and this year’s first round was held at Exeter gymnastic club. Plymouth were sending 10 boys to compete at a variety of different age groups and levels with the hope of improving their performance from last year.... and we were not disappointed.

The under 8 years of age team from Plymouth consisted of Oscar Westbury, Alex Jones and Dylan Philpott and with new skills in their routines they were eager to perform. Dylan competed many solid routines and his parallel bar routine was a particular highlight and with teammate Alex top scoring on the high bar they were setting their targets high. The final team member Oscar Westbury competed brilliantly and with standout performances on the pommel horse and parallel bars combined with minimal errors on piece of apparatus we were thrilled to see standing in silver medal on the podium and only 0.1 tenth behind 1st position. Their combined score also place them in 2nd position, well done boys for such a fabulous result.

The next round saw Hayden Woodhouse, Joe Dennis and Calvin Harper competing in the under 10 competition. Again, these gymnasts have shown huge progression and although Calvin is a year younger he still impressed with new skills and the drive to compete. Calvin has improved many of his weakness and this resulted in him finishing in silver medal position for the under 9 category. Next up was Joe Dennis who is flourishing with his gymnastics and with more competitions and experience he not only enjoyed the competition but performed consistent and accurate all round routines. This holistic approach cumulated with him earning a thoroughly well deserved silver medal. The last competitor in that group was Hayden and with him top scoring on the rings, parallel bars and high bar is was no surprise that he finished top of the top in gold medal position. All the boys worked tirelessly for this competition and it was wonderful to see this hard work pay off. Added to their individual success they also finished in team silver medal position. A fantastic result boys.

The final team Plymouth had to offer was the under 12 team which consisted of Jake Stanley, Eiger Swanscow and Jack Stewart. Special mention must go to Jack Stewart as he should have been competing in the under 10 category but to enable an under 12 team he step up an age group. Although Jack had a couple of errors he still managed to secure the second highest high bar routine and most certainly did not look out of place in the older category. Team mate Eiger also competed many new skills and a fantastic pommel routine showed how much he has improved since his last competition. The final gymnast saw Jake Stanley go from strength to strength with his confidence and routines and when this was combined with the highest scores on the rings and parallel bars we were not surprised to see him finish in gold medal position. Congratulations Jake.

Plymouth had only one competitor in the Level 4 under 10 competition but nonetheless James Gale competed at this higher standard of competition fabulously. With few errors and great attention to detail we were thrilled how well James has improved and were delighted with his silver medal performance.

As always a huge thank you must go to how hard these boys work and the commitment both themselves and their parents give. Well done boys on such a great result.

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