Robin Leeworthy (Director of Coaching)

Robin is a High Performance Coach (Level 5) and international women’s artistic judge. Although she was never a gymnast she has been involved with the club since her mum, Daphne set it up in 1970. She is also the Chairman of the SW Women’s technical Committee, the SW regional Secretary , a Coaching examiner., and judging tutor. Robin is a qualified primary school teacher but gave it up to develop the club by starting pre-school classes and expanding the recreational classes so that the club could afford to have its own facility. Robin has been the head judge at some European and World Championships as well as judging the Olympic Games in Beijing and London.

Jemma Maskell (Senior girls coach)

Jemma is in charge of the girls who compete at regional and national level as well as those who may aspire to compete at that level. She also coaches some  pre-school  classes. She is qualified as a Senior Club Coach (level 4), Pre-school coach,Coaching tutor, club judge. Jemma has been involved with Plymouth Swallows since 1989, as a gymnast she competed at county and regional level as well as in TeamGym. She has BSc (hons) degree in Sport and Physical education and is a qualified Primary school teacher.

Lloyd Byrne (Senior Boys Coach)

Lloyd is qualified Senior Club Coach (level 4) and is also qualified in Pre-school and disabilities awareness. He is in charge of all competitive boys groups. Lloyd joined Plymouth Swallows back in 1986 when we first began to take boys. At the time we had no boys coaches so when in about 1989 he started to show the ability to compete , he was encouraged with a group of boys to join Exeter Gymnastics Club. Lloyd was a member of the Welsh Gymnastics Squad and competed for Wales on several occasions. On graduating from UWIC university Lloyd returned to Plymouth and began to coach. He also qualified as a secondary school teacher in Physical Education but at present has given up teaching to coach on a part time basis. He is also a level 2 pre-school coach and coaches these classes two days a week.

Alice Thatcher (Assistant Coach)

Alice is an ex competitive gymnast from Kettering Gymnastics Club who used to compete at regional and national level. Alice moved to Plymouth in 2010. She is a level 3 women’s artistic coach and club judge. Alice coaches recreational classes as well as girls competitive level 6-4  gymnasts competing at county level. .Alice has a first class honours degree in and is partner in a business she set up on graduating.

Danielle Duplain (Pre-school coach)

Danielle joined Plymouth Swallows in 1990. She competed at county level in gymnastics and at national level in diving during the late 1990’s. She began to coach in 1998 , passing her generic coaching exam . She continued to coach recreational classes until 2003 when she got a full time job. In 2007 her son, Joe , was born and in early 2009 she returned to coaching. Danielle is a qualified level 2 pre-school coach.

James Barley (Assistant boys coach)

James  is a level 2 men’s artistic coach and is also a qualified level 2 trampoline coach and judge, a Club coach for DMT and a pre-school coach.. In late 2012 has started on work for his level 3 award. He coaches, pre-school, and boys competitive groups . He came to Plymouth Uni to take a degree and developed an interest in coaching  gymnastics, starting off at Falonridge Gym club .James also continues to compete regionally on double mini-tramp  which he also coaches at City of Plymouth Trampoline Club

Adam Whiting (Lead Recreation coach, Assistant boys coach and head of Team gym)

Adam is a level 2 coach in both Men’s Artistic who joined Plymouth Swallows as a recreational gymnast in 2004. He began to learn to coach in 2008 and now coaches recreational classes as well as boys competitive development  groups. On graduating he began to expand and now is developing Teamgym within the club

Freya Reavill: joined Plymouth Swallows in January 1997. Ex county/ regional level gymnast. She is a qualified  Level 2 WA coach and pre-school coach  as well as an Award scheme judge.Freya coaches pre-school  and recreational classes as well as U-7 development boys and level 6 and 5 competitive girls.

Emily Martin :is a level 2 WA coach  and is part way through her level 3 award. . She  joined Plymouth Swallows in January 2004 . She is an  Ex elite level gymnast and coaches both recreational and development groups as well as level 6 -4 competitive girls. Emily graduated from university  with a first class honours degree in Education.

Deborah Keeble :is a level 3 WA coach .. She is an ex national squad gymnast and has worked as a conditioning coach for the national judo federation. Debbie coaches our competitive and pre competitive girls development groups., specialising in physical preparation.

Hannah Williams :is a level 2 WA coach  and a level 1 Sports Acro coach joined Plymouth Swallows in late 2003. She is an  Ex county level gymnast and is a qualified Award Scheme judge. She coaches both recreational and development groups and is now studying at Plymouth University

Liam Salter (Assistant boys coach)

Liam assists Lloyd whenever he can . He is a full time secondary school teacher and a senior club coach for Men’s artistic Gymnastics. He has been coaching with Plymouth Swallows since he went to Marjons to study in September 2001 from Helston where he was a competitive gymnast.Liam ran the competitive groups with Lloyd until 2010 when his teaching commitments increased. However, luckily for the boys he still  volunteers occasionally two nights a week.

Sian Burke (Assistant recreational coach)

Sian is a level 1 coach who has been coaching recreational classes on Saturday mornings since September 2010. Originally from Wiltshire she remained in Plymouth on graduating. Sian also  coaches Cheerleading

 Zenith May  (Assistant recreational coach)

Zenith joined Plymouth Swallows as a  recreational Gymnast in 2002 . Having gone through the leadership Academy programme , he has taken his level2 general gymnastics Coach course and still volunteers in anyway he can. He is always attending extra sessions to learn more despite working at Babcocks . Zenith mostly coaches recreational classes and assists with teamgym.

Xanton May  (Assistant recreational coach)

Xanton joined Plymouth Swallows as a  recreational Gymnast in 2002 . Xanton is a level 1 coach , coaching recreational classes and helping like his brother anyway he can. Xanton is currently on an apprenticeship at Babcocks

Lauren Reeves :is a level 2 WA coach  and a club judge . She  joined Plymouth Swallows in September 2005 . She is an  Ex regional  level gymnast and coaches both recreational and development groups as well as level 6 competitive girls. Lauren has just started university in Bristol but will be back during the holidays., plus volunteering her time to judge when she can during term time

Georgina Reardon  (Assistant recreational coach)

Georgina is from Essex and is currently studying at Plymouth University so is around during university terms and coaches any classes which her time table allows.. She is a level 1 Coach and a club judge.

Alex Lally  (Assistant recreational coach)

Alex is currently studying at Plymouth University so is around during university terms and coaches recreational classes during term time . She is a level 1 Coach .

Bethany Pritchard  (Assistant recreational coach)

Beth is currently studying  at Marjons to become a secondary school teacher  . When she is not on placement she helps with recreational classes. She is a level1 coach and club judge.


Emma Rodrigues, William Allen, Laura Billinghay, Ellie Bickle, Elliot Hill, Thomas Ringrose, Laura Martin, Joshua Ringrose ,Robbie White, Zak Fikri and Maisie Dixon are very active young leaders who help with coaching and running events in the club. William, Ellie and Laura B are currently taking their level 1 coaching award.. This term a new generation of young leaders aged 11-14 have started helping out with recreational sessions.. These include Cody Powell-Tuckett , Leah White, Lizzie Bennett and Stella Hancock