FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I put my name on the waiting list?
A. This can only be done online via our “contact us” button. You will then receive a confirmation of receipt via e-mail but will not hear from us again until your name comes to the top of our list. You will be contacted either by e-mail or letter with an offer. Please note that for Pre-School enquiries you should phone the gym as their waiting list only applies to certain days.

Q. How long can I expect to be on the waiting list?

A. The answer would be between 12 and 16 months and we would advise that you phone the office after 12 months for an update.
Q. What happens when my child starts?

A. We ask for a deposit when they first start of £30 for recreational gymnasts which gives them 2/3 sessions to decide if they are happy before paying the balance owing for the term. Please note that this is non-refundable if you don’t turn up.

Q. How much do sessions cost?

A. Currently £6.00 per hour and £9.00 for an hour and a half. Fees are paid up front on a termly basis. Fees are calculated on an average twelve to thirteen weeks. Please see our term costs which will show the subscriptions of our current term for further information.

Q. When do we pay Subscriptions?

A. Before the term starts when the fees letters go out or during the first few weeks of term. Please advise of any problems in the office if there are difficulties with payments. Late payments may lead to your child to being asked to leave if you don’t contact us.

Q. Can we get refunds?

A. The short answer is no, unless there is a medical reason or a welfare issue. Please make sure that you are going to be able to attend a full term before accepting a place. Any refunds that are given are subject to an admin charge. If you are moving from the area then please alert us as soon as possible and we can offer the place to somebody else and adjust fees accordingly.

Q. Can I pay by direct debit or standing order?

A. This option is not available for recreational gymnasts. You may pay by cheque, cash or card. Phone payments can be made but during office opening hours only please.

Q. What should my child wear?

A. T’shirt, leggings and shorts are all fine. Leotards are great if you have one. No crop tops. No jewellery and new piercings must be taped. Long hair must be tied back.

Q. Can I stay and watch my child?

A. We don’t allow parents to watch as we feel that it stops the children from concentrating and they may also feel embarrassed in front of parents. Please don’t be offended if asked to leave as it does at times become very congested. We have a Competition once a year for them to show off their skills and open weeks where you are able to watch at the end of each term. If they have done badges then you will see them presented during these open weeks.

Q. What are holiday clubs and how do I apply?
A. Holiday clubs are run during the Easter break and Summer Holidays. They consist of three sessions of two hours running on consecutive days. These sessions are an ideal starting point for those on the waiting list to come and try out our gym. Downloadable forms will be put onto the website as soon as we have dates. We cannot reserve places without payment as they are so popular.

Q. When are office opening hours?

Tuesday 3.00pm - 8.00pm
Wednesday 3.00pm - 8.00pm

Friday 9.30am - 2.00pm

Saturday 9.00am – 2.00pm

Please note that for pre-school enquiries you can phone Tuesday – Friday from 9.30am – 2.00pm