Complaints Procedure

Plymouth Swallows Gymnastics Club Complaints Procedure

From time to time a parent or gymnast may feel that they have complaint against or concern about some aspect of the Club, or an individual member. The Club would encourage all such complaints and concerns to be resolved as soon as they occur, on a one to one basis, with the appropriate member of the Club staff. If this is not sufficient the following formal complaints procedure should be followed.

Stage One

The complaint should be put in writing to the Head boys Coach - Lloyd Byrne or Head girls Coach - Jemma Maskell. Full details along with names and dates should be included, letting him/her know what the problem is.

The Club will acknowledge the complaint as soon as possible and fully investigate the matter within fourteen days. Investigations will include listening to the Club staff or gymnasts named in the complaint. If there is a delay, the complainant should be informed of the reason. They should be kept informed of progress and given a full reply.

The response sent to the complainant should be copied to the Club members concerned, with recommendation of any action to be taken, and the matter will be reported at the Committee meeting. If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome it can be referred to the second stage.

Stage Two

The Head Boys or Girls Coach will refer the complaint and response to the Committee. The Committee will investigate the complaint together with the response at a specially convened meeting.

The Chair of the Committee will send a reply within four weeks outlining how the complaint was investigated and detailing the outcome.

Individual members of staff or gymnasts have the right to reply at this stage but the decision of the Club Committee is final.