Rules and Regulationas

Dress Code:

Girls should preferably wear a leotard or one-piece swim suit in the summer. Boys wear shorts & t-shirts. If it is cold all children may wear tracksuits or similar. Gymnasts work with bare feet. Long hair must always be tied up & no jewellery at all may be worn as this immediately invalidates their insurance

Parents are not encouraged to watch classes, but there are regular open day weeks when parents are welcomed in to watch.  The dates for these open days will be displayed in the gym entrance area. The reason parents are not permitted to watch their child training is mainly for the safety of all the children. Younger children tend to look around and see if mum or dad is watching which results in a lack of concentration and can cause needless falls. The noise level, having other people in the gym also increases, making it difficult to teach effectively, especially if there are younger brothers and sisters running around.

At the end of the class, please be prompt picking your child up. We will not allow any child to go to the car park on their own, so please come down and collect them.

Car parks:

There is ample parking at the gym, but the lower car park is reserved for the gymnastic coaches. During competitions when our car park overflows, Tamar Science Park kindly permits parking in their parking bays.

Arriving and departing:

When your child arrives at the gym, they should come and speak to the coach in the charge, for health and safety reasons as well as good manners . They should obtain permission to go on the apparatus if it is appropriate. At the end of each session, they will be expected to tidy up after themselves and to say goodbye and thank-you to the coaches who took them. They may not just leave as soon as you arrive. If you need your child to leave early for any reason please just tell the coach at the start of the session. It is always helpful if parents keep coaches informed of foreseen absences, such as holidays.