We are now open 48 weeks of the year
Only closing Christmas and New Year

We are still taking precautions upon entry of the gym
If your child has a temperature or is feeling unwell, is coughing and not attended school,
please do not fetch them to gym, protect others together.

Current: Covid precautions

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We appreciate your support through this very difficult time

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Plymouth Swallows

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Are you looking for an action filled sport that offers fun, fitness, friendship and the
opportunity to challenge your mind and body?

Gymnastics is the perfect activity to prepare children for long-term participation in sport and develops vital life skills.  The sport encourages a child’s team-spirit, as well as individual growth, and provides proven benefits to their social and academic development.  Gymnastics builds self-esteem, self-discipline, strength and flexibility, and prepares the body and mind for life's constant challenges.   If you are looking for an action-packed, varied sport where you can watch your child grow into a happy, healthy and responsible young adult, then gymnastics is your choice.